At LuvinSecret, we embrace

circular fashion together.

Embrace the revolution of circular fashion together. Join us as we celebrate sustainable style, breathe new life into preloved garments, and make a positive impact on our planet. Together, we create a fashionable world that embraces the power of circularity.

Revolutionise Fashion: Thrifting as the Solution to the Waste Crisis

Our planet bears the cost of our constant desire for newness. Choose secondhand shopping to reduce fashion’s impact. Embrace resale for a sustainable future of circulating fashion responsibly.

Fashion’s Toll on Our Planet

Production levels have doubled over the last 15 years, with more than 100B+ garments manufactured annually.¹

Precious clothing is needlessly discarded

A shocking 73% ending up in landfills or incinerated. Astoundingly, 95% of this clothing could be repurposed or recycled.¹

Combatting Fashion Waste

Opting for a pre-owned item instead of a new one reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 25% per use on average.²

Sources: (1) Ellen MacArthur Foundation (2) Green Story Inc

Pure excitement, Zero guilt

Guiltless shopping

Thrift without minding the price, these are some of the outrageous price you can get, period.

Premium standards

Each item undergoes a 15-point inspection to meet our high quality standards.

Sustainable fashion

An average of 25% carbon emissions can be save by shopping and wearing secondhand clothing.

Our Story

LuvinSecret was born from the heartfelt realisation that the original owner cherished her clothes but needed to part with them to tidy their wardrobe. It is derived from the words “Love in Secret” or “Cinta Dalam Rahsia” in Bahasa Melayu. The way to pronounce it is “luhv-in-see.kruht”. The team of LuvinSecret has gathered over 3 years of experience in the business and fashion industry since 2020, polishing LuvinSecret to the top of the table. We want people to experience the beauty of circular fashion rather than the typical linear fashion, which negatively contributes to the greenhouse effect. Rest assured, all the operations made by LuvinSecret were professionally structured so that anyone can easily buy and sell their preloved clothes, plus guaranteed premium quality at all times. Hop on with LuvinSecret! Together we bloom circular fashion.